2011-2012 planning!

I’ve been a huge blogging slacker.  While waiting for life to slow down, I’ve realized that isn’t going to happen and I just need to adjust MY speed.  I miss blogging about our school life, and I think I’m going to start blogging about life here too instead of maintaining two blogs.  Trying to simplify as much as possible. 🙂

After a busy spring with baseball and co-op, we decided to take a month-long break in May.  We have just a couple things we need to finish up in June and then we’ll jump into the new school year in July.

Last year I read somewhere about printing all of the needed materials and gathering all of the needed supplies during the summer for the whole school year.  I decided then I would print every eight weeks or so instead of doing it all at once during the summer {because printing it all at once sounded overwhelming and time-consuming….surely I could find a *better* way. ha!}

We got off to a great start and had all of our materials right there just waiting for us.  We stayed on track…..until we got to the end of the previously printed materials.  By then, we were involved in two co-ops and, shortly after that, we moved.  Then the holidays.  Then unpacking and spring co-op planning.  Then spring co-op.  Pretty soon it was the end of the year and we didn’t accomplish near what I had planned.  We dropped all the extras just so we could do the basics and school wasn’t too fun in our house.  I was printing as needed which was a pain.  It seemed we were always waiting on something to be printed before getting started.  And don’t even get me started on not having project materials when we needed them….talk about a pain!

Lesson learned.  We want fun and convenience in our school year. Needless to say, I am now working on printing the entire year’s materials and making lists of needed supplies.  I’ll collect those supplies as soon as the printing is done.  At the very least, I’ll have the lists of supplies.  The printing is more important to me at this point.

So far I’ve printed this character study that I LOVE from Erica at Confessions of a Homeschooler.  I’m SO excited to start this study!  Also from Erica, I printed The World’s Greatest Artists Study.  Equally excited about this!  We tried last year to implement some kind of famous artist study but it just never happened.  I checked my library before I printed this study and happily found all of the books necessary.  The cover of this study says Vol. 1 so I’m hoping she’ll expand it later on……and I’m wishfully hoping she’ll add some composers in somewhere too! 🙂 

Then I printed Kaleb’s Math Mammoth 2A….all 138 pages!  I’m going to have it spiral bound this weekend.  I still have 2B to print and then the rest of MM 1A and 1B for Gabriel.  He and I will be working on writing the numbers properly before jumping into 1A but he did well when we tested it last month.  His only problem is handwriting so I printed Erica’s 1-20 handwriting practice pages to get him started. {Can you tell I love this homeschool mama’s blog?} 

I’ve also printed several chapters of the SOTW activity pages.  This took a LOT of ink as I had to print 2-3 copies of each page depending on how many children I have doing the projects.  

So I ran out of black ink yesterday….and I was on a roll!  🙂 

My goal for this weekend:

  • finish printing SOTW
  • print MM the rest of 1A, 1B, and 2B
  • Galloping the Globe {which was dropped about mid-year}.  I’m half-way finished with GtG since we never used the printables from Homeschool Creations
  • plan and write materials lists for most of our crafts for the year. I hated that we dropped our arts and crafts after the move….Just not enough time to pull anything together.
  • make a list of everything else that needs to be printed.
  • organized our school closet and finish making new workbox labels.
  • also I want to make it to a used curriculum sale tomorrow morning.  I have a list of needs for this school year and a list of wants {if the price is right}. 

Think I can do it? 🙂

My students!!

First, this is our school mascot!! Drake is my BABY. He is a little sweetie who loves playing with his older brothers and cuddling with his mom and dad. He is also a new student of Tot School.

Nathan is my LIGHT. He is my first born and always showing me things. He is a bit eccentric which I think is incredibly cool. He sees most things differently than I do so I am always learning from him. He is almost 12 years old and in the 6th grade.
Kaleb is my JOY. He is a people-pleaser, like his mama. He loves to make people happy. He is always thinking of others, and would give the world to someone if he could. This sweet peach is five years old and in kindergarten.
Gabriel is my WONDER. He is in awe of….everything. He truly delights in the little things, and I love it! He sees the good in everyone….and lets everyone know. He is a wild one who keeps everyone on their toes. He is three years old and in preschool.

I can’t believe I have the privilege of teaching these young guys!! I LOVE my job!!

Go on over to 3Boybarians to meet more students!!

New Year

Our new year has gotten off to a slow start. Bo and Drake both are sick. Drake needs to be constantly held…mostly by me, so it makes helping Nathan get his school work finished very difficult. A lot of the things we do are oral which works, but that isn’t working with math…I need my hands to write out the problems. With Bo sick, he hasn’t been able to help out as much around the house. He comes home from work and crashes…understandably!

I think we all are suffering a bit from cabin fever. Between sickness and bad weather, we’ve been stuck in the house pretty much every day. Every sun-shiny moment, I’m pushing the boys outside for a few minutes here and there.

Anyway we’re trucking along, getting done what we can and putting off what we can’t. We normally school Monday through Thursday but I think we’ll take advantage of the next few Fridays to get back on track.